Denver Granite Countertops

In Denver, there is no better place to find the best options for your granite countertops than American Cabinet & Flooring, Inc. Our granite countertops come with a design team ready to help you pick out the color and style to make your kitchen or bath look amazing. Plus we own our own manufacturing facility ensuring you a perfect fit and timely delivery. Best of all granite countertops are extremely affordable. Call one of our designers today to find out how you can get yours put in today!


Second to none, granite is the most elegant choice for a kitchen countertop. It is very easy to clean and will make you proud of your kitchen. We can custom finish the edge of your countertops edge to match virtually any design you want. Whether it's a bullnose, ogee, or a square edge we can make it happen! 

Ease of Use and Function      

Granite is a very durable and practically maintenance free product. Granite carries a holocrystalline structure meaning that the crystals that make up the stone don't fully develop. Instead what these crystals do is grow into each other making granite extremely durable and give it the grainy look that granite is named for.

Lots of Color & Design Choices

Because of all the different crystals and formations made within granite, the color can vary quite a bit. The most common colors tend to be black, gray, white, pink and orange but many other colors will pop up. Granite is made up of mostly quartz, mica, feldspar, horneblend, and biotite. With this large selection of colors to choose from it's easy to see why granite is one of the best materials you can choose for your project.